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What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is an important area of law to protect the work of creators and innovators. If you’re looking for an attorney for an intellectual property case, the team at Rodenhouse Law Group can offer you the expertise, knowledge and skill you need to understand the complex issues at play and how to protect your intellectual property.

Types of Intellectual Property Cases

Our entertainment law team in Grand Rapids can handle:

  • Copyright Application and Infringement
  • Trademark Registration and Infringement
  • Patent Applications
  • Licensing Agreements for Intellectual Property
  • Conducting Searches for Trademarks and Patents
  • Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights, Including Intellectual Property Litigation

Copyright and Trademark Applications

The law offers ways for creators and inventors to protect what they’ve made: trademarks and copyrights. Trademarks help someone protect their name, symbol or design used to identify their business. Copyrights protect the substance of intellectual work, including, but not limited to:

  • Music
  • Books
  • Art
  • Computer programs
  • Advertisements
  • Maps
  • Other works

These two different legal protections have different registration and application processes, as well as different requirements, levels, and length of protection. The right intellectual property attorney can help you make sure your works are properly protected so that you can enforce them if they were ever infringed upon. If you’re wondering how to copyright your idea or trademark a business name or phrase, contact the trademark and copyright attorneys at Rodenhouse Law Group in West Michigan.

Licensing Intellectual Property

Rodenhouse Law Group can also help you with licensing agreements for your intellectual property. If you are considering patent licensing or other intellectual property licensing, you need an attorney who will aggressively pursue your interests and help you get what you deserve for your unique work.

Intellectual Property Infringement

If you think your intellectual property is being used without authorization, the team at Rodenhouse Law Group can investigate your intellectual property infringement case and help you determine the best path forward. While IP cases can be costly, lengthy, and difficult to pursue. We can help you understand what your rights are under the law, determine if you have a suitable case for litigation, and develop other options for protecting your intellectual property.

In addition, Rodenhouse Law Group can defend you against an intellectual property infringement claim, such as someone saying that you’ve unlawfully used their copyrighted or trademarked work. A claim that you have copied, stolen or used another artist’s or inventor’s work without authorization can do great damage to your reputation as a professional, so it’s important to have a lawyer who clearly understands the law and can proactively defend you against these kinds of claims. Our West Michigan intellectual property lawyers will investigate your case and help you understand your options, both in and out of the courtroom.

Intellectual property is a complex legal area that’s constantly changing. Let the knowledgeable, skilled attorneys at Rodenhouse Law Group handle your case with the professionalism and attention you deserve.

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