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Those who have been accused of breaking and entering a building in the state of Michigan can expect a difficult journey ahead without skilled, experienced attorneys to protect their liberties and rights. This is because home invasion has been classified as an extremely serious felony in this state. It does not matter if a building looks to be abandoned or decrepit. So long as the alleged property is defined as a dwelling, a defendant can be accused as having committed a home invasion crime. This charge can result in many years being spent in prison, even if the defendant did not touch anything inside.

The moment you have been accused of this kind of crime, you need to reach out to our home invasion lawyers in Grand Rapids as rapidly as possible. The Rodenhouse Law Group is determined to defend your rights from your accusers with a powerful, strategic defense.

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What are the Degrees of Home Invasion?

When it comes to home invasion charges, a defendant could be accused of committing different distinctions or degrees of the crime.

  • If the alleged perpetrator is bearing dangerous weapons, or if someone else is lawfully present within the building during the event, this invasion is classified as a first-degree charge.
  • The distinction between second and third-degree invasions is very slight, however. While both indicate that the alleged perpetrator entered without permission, second-degree charges are allotted to those who commit or intend on committing a felony, assault, or larceny, as opposed to a misdemeanor.

What are the Penalties for Home Invasion?

Depending on the degree of home invasion you are charged with, you could be facing a longer or shorter sentence in prison, or greater or lesser fines. No matter the particular charge, however, you will have a permanent criminal record that will have long-lasting repercussions.

The primary penalties for the distinct degrees of home invasion include:

  • First-degree home invasion – A felony charge that can result in a maximum of 20 years in prison along with a $5,000 fine
  • Second-degree home invasion – A felony charge that can result in a maximum of 15 years in prison along with a $3,000 fine
  • Third-degree home invasion – A felony charge that can result in a maximum of 5 years in prison along with a $2,000 fine

Avoiding Additional Felony Charges

Home invasion charges are so dangerous because prosecutors can often pile on additional felony charges. If the prosecutor can simply claim the “intent” of committing another felony, such as theft or assault, or if another person is lawfully dwelling in the building, then the defendant can even be charged with committing a first-degree felony, often resulting in a penalty of 20 years’ incarceration. There is no time to waste if you have been accused of this. Trust our home invasion attorneys in Grand Rapids to immediately begin building your case.

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