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While being accused of any crime places you in a terrible situation, there are few circumstances as embarrassing and damaging as being labeled as a thief. However, if you have been convicted of committing retail fraud — even if it was an accident or sudden, one-time lack of judgment — you will likely have a permanent record of being labeled as a retail thief.

As a result of store managers’ determination to stop shoplifting and retail fraud, countless people have become victims of an over-zealous justice system. This permanently damages their reputations and prevents them from getting jobs, homes, or even voting in the future. If this tragic situation has occurred to you, immediately get in touch with our Grand Rapids retail fraud attorneys. Here at Rodenhouse Law Group, we are determined to stand up for you so that your side is powerfully represented.

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Charges for Retail Fraud in Michigan

The charges for retail fraud are harsh, even for the lowest misdemeanors. This is why you must quickly contact our criminal defense team, so that you do not have to face stringent consequences today or in the future.

The 3 primary degrees of retail fraud and their charges include:

  • Third-degree retail fraud: Where the property is valued under the amount of $200 and results in a 93-day misdemeanor
  • Second-degree retail fraud: Where the property is valued in between the amounts of $200-$1000 and results in a 1-year misdemeanor
  • First-degree retail fraud: Where the property is valued over the amount of $1000 and results in a felony

Creating a Powerful Defense Against Retail Fraud in Michigan

In order to be convicted of committing retail fraud, the prosecution has to persuade the jury to believe, without a shadow of a doubt, in several components. First of all, the prosecution will need to prove that the defendant either took, altered, or moved property beyond the checkout point of the store without paying for the item. Moreover, the prosecutor needs to show that the defendant actually intended to steal the property. Without proof of this intent, there can be no case.

Our attorneys are highly experienced when it comes to showing that an item may have accidentally fallen into your bag. Alternatively, the loss prevention officers themselves might have violated your rights, mishandled the situation, had a lack of credible evidence. In many situations, we can also show that the surveillance footage does not really prove guilt or is of poor quality to really ascertain proof of “intent.”

Obtaining the Opportunity to Move Forward

When it comes to retail fraud, we have encountered many tragic stories of good people being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many blameless or well-meaning people fall into this terrible situation, and storeowners and managers simply refuse to listen to their pleas of innocence because they want to make an example for future perpetrators. You deserve the right to have your story heard, and the ability to move forward without paying for a small mistake or complete accident throughout your entire life. Trust the Rodenhouse Law Group to represent you powerfully in court and protect your liberties.

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