On June 30, 2023, a new law will be added to the Michigan Vehicle Code that all of us Michiganders should be aware of; MCL 257.60, as the law is legally known, will make it so that no one in the State of Michigan can hold an electronic mobile device, typically a cell phone when operating a motor vehicle. While the law will make certain Tik Tok sensations scream in outrage, for the average person all is not lost. Luck for us, the Michigan Congress, in their infinite wisdom, saw fit to add a number of exceptions to the law. For example, the statute allows for a hands-free or voice-activated mode to use a cell phone. The law also makes an exception if the electronic device is placed in a mount. While I encourage the thousands of people reading this to look the statute over for themselves, it all means that there are still legal ways for Michiganders to call/text their friends, loved ones, and attorneys while still being in full compliance with the law.


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